A Better Railway For Britain

A new document is published today by AGAHST, of which HS2AA is part,  “A Better Railway for Britain ” – on a new website, www.betterthanhs2.org. Hilary Wharf , Director of HS2AA , says ‘There is a genuine win-win opportunity.  We can meet the objectives of high speed rail – supporting growth and solving capacity issues, as well as achieving faster speeds  –  and without the need for ultra high speed.” In lauching the Rail Manifesto, Jerry Marshall, Chairman of AGAHST , says “Spending up to £1bn in this Parliament on planning High Speed 2 will do nothing for growth. Instead, £2bn into current infrastructure would bring immediate growth and benefits. This will also meet our rail capacity needs into the second half of the century.”
Our 2 page summary, “The arithmetic of alternatives to HS2: using existing lines to meet capacity” is available here.

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