HS2 Ltd forced to admit defects in their consultation

HS2AA along with 412 others have learnt from HS2 Ltd that their detailed 150 page response to the 2011 consultation got lost due to ‘processing errors’.  Despite this HS2 Ltd say none of the omitted responses introduced any new matters hence their consultation summary  and HS2 decision still stand. For HS2AA this is unbelievably the second successive time it’s happened. It has also affected other organisations who happen to be pursuing legal challenges against the Government’s decision on HS2.  Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA said  “Natural justice demands Government now does one of two things  –  abandon HS2 as it lacks proper justification or re-run the full consultation with all the facts on the table, including the awkward ones they tried to hide.” 

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