Update from HS2AA at Lib Dem Conference – 2012

This is hello from Brighton from our stand at the lib dems conference. After a huge amount of work from the team HS2AA are here with a smart corner stand by the entrance, plasma screen, suite of new leaflets and lots that is attracting interest – including chocolate white elephants and rock!

We have four new films, a rolling montage of adverts, key messages and Emma and Jess report lots of people prepared to come and listen to the facts. And on the conference platform HS2 was an issue yesterday too.

“Q (15:32 Sunday 23 September): Only 2% of Britain’s ancient woodlands are left. Shouldn’t the government block High Speed Rail?

A (summary) Clegg says he does not know the situation in relation to ancient woodlands. But he is a passionate supporter of HS2. Britain is still relying on Victorian infrastructure. Those people were bold; they swept aside objections. Now the government needs to rewire the UK, figuratively and literally. The UK is too divided. Economists might question the benefits. But Clegg says he does not think you can ever fully quantify the benefits.”

Strange he didn’t know the detail on woodlands direct damage to 21 ancient woodland despite being a ‘passionate supporter’; even stranger his cavalier attitude to finance (especially for someone in his position), but glad he is into rewiring the UK –did someone whisper high speed broadband?

With plenty more days left – and 2 more conferences to follow – we are sure this is an excellent way to get our message out there amongst the decision makers. Thankyou to everyone who supports us and helps to make this happen.

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