Freedom of Information Request Uncovers HS2 Plans To Cut Classic Train Services To Save £7.7 Billion

Many English towns and cities will see their train services cut if High Speed Two (HS2) is built according to an HS2 Ltd report uncovered through an FOI request. The report provides details of cuts to classic train services that are needed to deliver £7.7 billion in savings which make up a critical part of HS2’s already flimsy business case. Hilary Wharf, director, HS2AA, said; “We’ve always known that many of the assumptions that HS2 business case relied on were wildly optimistic. But this analysis goes a step further. By relying on huge cost savings created by reducing existing train services HS2 Ltd shows scant regard for the needs of the vast number of train passengers who will not be able to use or afford tickets for this outrageously expensive white elephant.” 

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