A wake-up call for the Department for Transport as experts cast doubt on key assumptions

34 leading transport economists have sent an open letter to the Secretary of State which is commented on in today’s Financial Times. It makes abundantly clear what HS2AA have been saying for the last 2 years ie that the Department for Transport have failed to notice that demand for domestic transport has tailed off and the evidence that infrastructure schemes deliver growth and jobs is no longer there.

You can read there letter here


Hilary Wharf said “We welcome this input by the leading transport economists in the country. Their message has a clear implication for High Speed 2 – it is a railway to meet growth that isn’t happening, to create jobs that simply won’t exist. It’s clearly time to cancel HS2 and concentrate on real problems that need real solutions – not continue to waste money on a vanity project that has a wish list instead of a business case”

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