Phase 1 compensation

Yesterday, HS2AA submitted a 50+ page report on the Government’s proposals on compensation for phase 1. It demonstrates how they are inequitable, inadequate and not based on the evidence. HS2AA argue less than 2% of those affected will get any compensation over the next 14 years, and have to bear a £5bn loss.

The response to the Government’s consultation proposes dropping the hardship rules from the long term scheme and simplifying the schemes so they are based on the loss in property values people are experiencing. But HS2AA believe the real solution lies in overhauling the present archaic arrangements and they continue to champion adopting the Property Bond. HS2AA explain why the Governments objections are ill-founded. Read our report here and our summary of the property bond here.

Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA, said:

It’s time the Government woke up to that fact that people will not put up with having to bear a disproportionate share of the cost of HS2 – paying both as a taxpayer and as an individual, when they find that HS2 wipes thousand off the value of their property. If the Government can’t afford proper compensation then they can’t afford HS2.

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