HS2 forced to reveal furthest compensation case

Following an FOI case that was successfully appealed HS2 Ltd have now published details to say the furthest EHS case is 800m from the centre of the line. They also give other details – just 2% of cases are over 601 metres (the HS1 maximum), with 46% over 200m.

They make clear that distance is just one of the location factors used to decide if a property is affected by HS2, but these are all only physical factors and disregard the property blight effects (that depends on a different test). You can read the appeal court decision here and the FOI response here.

Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA said:

This information shows why HS2 ltd fought so hard to keep it secret. It shows that the vast majority of cases of property blight are not covered by the Government’s latest proposals that restrict the purchase zone to 60m or 120m in rural areas. This surely gives the lie to Government’s proposals being “generous” and covering blight or even serious blight.


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