HS2AA Wins Compensation Judicial Review

 HS2AA WINS COMPENSATION JUDICIAL REVIEW (15 March 2013). Mr Justice Ouseley today published his 300 page judgement on the JRs including the two brought by HS2AA – on compensation and environmental protection:
· In a major victory for the more than 300,000 households blighted by HS2, the Court ruled that Justine Greening acted unlawfully in her 2012 decision on compensation, as it was based on a fundamentally flawed consultation process. This should lead to the Government re-consulting on the compensation scheme in a fair and lawful way.
· On the environmental case, the Judgment leaves the field clear for HS2AA to appeal, which it will be doing.
Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA said “Today’s judgement is a huge victory for the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives are blighted by HS2. The Government’s shabby attempt to railroad through an inadequate compensation scheme whilst ignoring the views of ordinary people have been judged to be unlawful”. “The judge was highly critical of DfT’s actions, described as “very odd”, “muddled” and “ doomed from the start”.
A short summary of the judgement that we have put together is here. You can read the full judgement (259 pages) here.
HS2AA heard later in the day that that the whole compensation decision will be quashed and there will be a fresh consultation on compensation which will include the Property Bond.
HS2AA have also won the right to appeal on the environmental case on its SEA grounds.

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