EHS Scheme not fit for purpose

 HS2AA submitted its 84 page reponse to the Government’s latest compensation consultation for Phase 2 (Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester) of HS2. A copy of the report is here
HS2AA concludes that this latest consultation was misleading and unfair, despite the additional information and last minute extension it pressed HS2 Ltd for. The proposed Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS) simply doesn’t meet its claimed purpose – to help those whose properties are blighted and suffer a loss in value as a result of HS2.
Hilary Wharf, director HS2AA said, “Having already been caught-out conducting one unlawful consultation, we expected the Government to have made more effort. But the stark truth is that hundreds of thousands of properties are being blighted by Phase 2 of HS2 and Government’s proposals are neither fair nor adequate. They are not fit for purpose. Compensation should not be by “exception” and cover only “hardship” cases with most people unable to get anything irrespective of how blighted their property is. The only test that should matter is whether your property is blighted due to HS2.”

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