Major Projects Authority report finally leaked out

The truth about the status of UK’s £350bn worth of major projects has finally been released. HS2 is up with other high profile projects. On top of the NAO report that made crystal clear that the economic benefits of HS2 are unclear, just how much more evidence does the Government need to call a halt to this white elephant?. The breakdown of the 191 projects is as follows
MPA Status Number Meaning of Status Project Examples
Red 8 Unacheivable Unmanned aircraft, 2 aircraft carriers, New IT system for MOD
WCML refranchising,
IT system for justice, passport applications system,
ONS accounting system, ONS better website
Amber Red 23 Success “in doubt” HS2,
benefits reform,
broadband roll out
Amber 58 Success “feasible”
Amber Green 49 Success “probable”
Green 32 Success “highly likely”
Exempt 21
Total 191 Total projects reviewed 

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