Latest Consultation is an Omnishambles

 HS2AA catalogue the long list of reasons why the latest environmental consultation on HS2 is shambolic. Adverts in wrong papers, libraries sent random maps and not for their own area, individuals ordering and re-ordering documents and still getting wrong or no deliveries. On top of that there are serious omissions and misrepresentations, and all this for material totalling almost 5000 pages with responses expected in 8 weeks – and already nearly 3 have passed. You can read the letter to HS2 Ltd here.
It calls for an extension to at least 12 weeks, more ways to get answers to questions, and omissions/misrepresentations corrected.
Hilary Wharf , Director HS2AA said “There is a huge amount to absorb, its clearly been a rushed job and it’s not fair that those already blighted from HS2 should suffer as a result”.

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