51M Publish Alternative Investment Proposals

51M, the cross party group of local authorities opposed to HS2 have set out in a detailed report alternative  ways of spending the £50 billion earmarked for HS2, on schemes which will bring more immediate economic benefits across the UK .

The report titled ‘Alternative Investment Strategy for Jobs and Growth’ and published today,  sets out how the £50 billion cost for HS2’s track and trains could be better targeted to bring faster, higher value economic benefits across the entire country.

 The strategy challenges the Department for Transport’s latest reason for HS2 – the need to increase capacity on intercity routes from London to Manchester and Leeds – and proposes how capacity can be added to existing routes far more cheaply and incrementally. It goes much further, detailing how large- scale investment in our major ‘Core Cities’ transportation infrastructure would  improve their competitiveness.

It also identifies the need for major investment to restore the nation’s roads and to build the new ‘Communications Infrastructure of the 21st Century’- Ultrafast Broadband, delivering ‘Korean level’ speeds of over 100Mps. Additionally, the strategy advocates that the proposals in Lord Heseltine’s recent Report on accelerating economic growth ‘No Stone Unturned’, be delivered by a commitment to large -scale, long-term capital devolution to the country’s Local Enterprise Partnerships.

You can read a copy of the report here

Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA said “This report sets out in  detail what alternatives to HS2 would look like-and it’s clear such alternatives offer far better returns than HS2, to many more people across the country. The Government must stop listening to the vested interests and undertake a proper assessment of how best to spend the funds earmarked for HS2

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