Another Bad Day For HS2

This morning, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee delivered its verdict on HS2.

The reports sets out in detail and at length the problems with the HS2 project. You can read a copy here

The report makes devastating criticism of the entire HS2 project setting out why there is no convincing strategic case; and out of date information and wrong assumptions have been used to justify the project which simply do not reflect reality.

The objectivity of the report’s authors cannot be questioned-the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has long operated as an apolitical body, scrutinising whether public expenditure represents value for money. Support for the project now appears confined to the civil servants working on the project, the vested interests who expect to benefit directly from building the new line and a Cabinet searching for a regional growth strategy.

HS2AA’s campaigning team will be forwarding to all Members of Parliament a briefing on this important report.


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