HS2AA Publish The 12 Tests Required To Make Business Case For HS2 Accurate

We have written to Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, setting out 12 tests that HS2’s fifth business case (to be published in October 2013) must pass to be deemed credible.

HS2AA’s letter follows the recent desperate attempts by the Government to spin the report by KPMG which claimed HS2 would generate £15 billion a year of wider of economic benefits. Its conclusions were widely mocked by academics and commentators as lacking credibility with it being pointed out that if the report’s figures were correct there would be £1,000 worth of benefit to the economy for every extra journey created by HS2.

The next business case is particularly important given the current timetable for the Hybrid Bill the next business case will be relied upon by Members of Parliament to decide whether or not to proceed with Phase 1 of HS2.

You can read our letter here– we have also sent it to all Members of Parliament on the route of Phase 1 and Phase 2-who should be asking whether the environmental damage to the communities they represent will be worth it for such an economically flawed project. You can also read a copy of our press release here

Commenting on the tests, Hilary Wharf, director, HS2AA said;

To date the business case has been rushed and relied on contained assumptions and calculations which are, at best, highly questionable, and have given an unrealistically positive view of both the costs and benefits of the HS2 project.,

Taken together these 12 tests represent nothing more than a request that generally accepted norms be used by the DfT and HS2 Ltd in coming up with the fifth revised of the business case.

“We urge the Secretary of State, on behalf of those communities which stand to lose so much should HS2 proceed, and a country that will be saddled with debt from the construction of a white elephant, that he ensures his department produces an accurate and fair assessment of the costs and benefits of HS2.”

Please feel free to forward it your Member of Parliament whichever constituency they represent-it’s important for everyone that the Department for Transport be required to demonstrate its cost-benefit analysis for HS2 is robust and accurate.

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