Phase 1 Compensation Consultation Released Today-Vast Majority Would Receive No Assistance

The Government’s contempt for the communities impacted by HS2 was again highlighted in today’s new consultation on compensation arrangements for households impacted by Stage 1 of HS2. You can view the Government’s announcement on this consultation here

The  proposals still do nothing for the vast majority of those suffering property blight from HS2:

  • They continue to propose a hardship based scheme which depends on  personal circumstances rather than on whether a property is blighted –  and hence disqualify the vast majority of those affected by property blight
  • The proposals are confined to Phase 1 only, extending the uncertainty for what happens on phase 2 after EHS expires
  • A property bond scheme is included but only for the rural zone and as an option –  either a Bond scheme will be selected or the Voluntary Purchase scheme as previously proposed (for within 120m either side of the line)
  • In urban areas only the hardship arrangements applies beyond the safeguarded area
  • There remains nothing for the blight that the construction works itself will cause, which we now know will extend across road networks many miles from the line itself.

We will be providing more detailed guidance to help people respond to the consultation, but despite the promises the Government’s announcement today shows they intend to do virtually nothing for the vast majority of people suffering substantial loss as a result of HS2.

Their proposals also ignore the plight of particularly vulnerable groups like the elderly or disabled who are impacted by blight.

HS2 causes exceptional levels of blight and the Government has already lost in court on this issue. Rather than learning from this experience and coming up with a set of proposals which actually address the issue of blight-they  appear to think it is acceptable to  impose financial losses and blight communities in their rush to build HS2.

HS2AA will be developing a range of materials to help people respond to the consultation. Make sure you have signed up as a registered supporter of HS2AA so know what’s going on with this important issue.

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