Dear Prime Minister: HS2 is destroying jobs right now

The Prime Minister likes to talk up the job creating potential of HS2-even though academic evidence and international experience indicate high speed rail does little for employment.

The reality there are jobs which aren’t happening right now because of HS2. There currently is no better example than the site of this than the former LDV van factory in Birmingham. It was slated to become a technology park, creating 6000 new jobs for the West Midlands. Instead, HS2 Limited have safeguarded the entire site, meaning no development and no jobs.

Don’t take our word for it-Birmingham Hodge Hill MP, Liam Byrne, has gone on record within the last few day over his frustrations at the actions of HS2 Limited-which you can read for yourself here.

Similar regeneration schemes in Camden, Euston, Park Royal and Measham Wharf in Leicestershire have all suffered because of HS2.

HS2AA believe its vital that any cost benefit analysis undertaken for HS2 includes the economic opportunities lost as a  result of the line.


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