Let’s Help Nick Clegg Join The Reality Based Community

HS2 is literally useless for journeys between our great Northern cities. Sadly it seems as if the Deputy Prime Minister, despite representing a seat in Sheffield, hasn’t realised this basic fact. When asked earlier this week in Parliament, by Barry Sheerman MP whether HS2 would simply suck more resources into London and the South East-Mr Clegg said he found such arguments “utterly specious”

The reality is that HS2 will do little for regional growth. HS2 Ltd’s own figures say 70% plus of new jobs created by Phase 1 of HS2 will be in London. International experience and academic evidence also supports the conclusion that London will be the biggest winner from HS2.

Just to remind Members of Parliament of this reality-we have placed this advertisement in House magazine-making a graphic case as to how London wins the most with HS2. Are you prepared to listen Deputy Prime Minister?

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