HS2 Petitioning Update

The Parliamentary authorities have confirmed 1925 petitions have been deposited for HS2. This is a figure over four times more than Crossrail and almost twice the number that there were at this stage for HS1. 

As a result, HS2 faces years of parliamentary scrutiny during the Hybrid Bill process after individuals, groups and councils impacted by the £50 billion rail line deposited petitions. Despite the Government’s best efforts to suppress opposition by insisting on four hard copies of all petitions be delivered by hand to Westminster and a £20 fee being charged.
If the Government tries to do deals with the largest petitioners then this will add even more pressure to a budget which is already out of control. HS2 Ltd admitted just last week to overspending its £101 million consultants’ budget by a staggering £87 million. While the Major Projects Authority rated the project Red/Amber for the fourth consecutive year in its report issued on Friday.
COMMONS LORDS (after Commons process finished)
Crossrail 457 petitions 113 petitions
205 heard – 645 undertakings given 45 heard
84 sessions – 7 site visits 29 sessions – 4 site visits
No “locus” challenges
HS1 993 petitions (+ 41 later, on “additional provisions”) 293 petitions
71 sittings – met petitioners on line
14 “locus” challenges (13 rejected, 1 survived)





HS2AA bringing another 100 plus petitions to Parliament on the last day. And the folks in Parliament checking out each petition

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