HS2AA Publish Model Phase 2 Petition

HS2AA have worked with our legal team to provide a model petition for people impacted by Phase 2 of HS2 between the West Midlands and Leeds/Manchester.

Although the current Hybrid Bill before Parliament deals with the route between London and the West Midlands, many of the decisions taken now will have huge significance for Phase 2. Key decisions around noise, compensation, biodiversity and water quality during Phase 1 will, in HS2AA’s view, inevitably apply in Phase 2.

The current Hybrid Bill also has a clause directly aimed at Phase 2-it enables HS2 Ltd employees to enter any property within 500 metres of a proposed high speed rail line anywhere in the country. Any occupier refusing entry faces criminal prosecution and the possibility of fines and jail.

HS2AA is urging people who live near the route of Phase 2 of HS2 to submit a petition.

You can click here to download a copy of the petition

You can click here to download a a copy of our guidance note for Phase 2

You will also need a cover sheet which you can download here

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