Told You So?

Since 2010 we have been making the case for incremental improvements on inter city services on the West Coast Main Line to improve capacity. We’ve also made the case for additional commuter services to serve places like Milton Keynes.

The Department for Transport have insisted that such proposals could not work.

So today’s announcement that Virgin, on winning the franchise for the West Coast Main Line will convert one first class car to standard in all 21 9 car Pendolinos is surprising….and welcome. You can read a copy of the Government’s announcement here

Also, Virgin are promising additional services to Shrewsbury and Blackpool, and Network Rail have agreed access rights to Alliance Rail for an additional 12 open access trains a day each way (6 to Blackpool, 6 to Huddersfield). So much for the West Coast Main Line being unable to find space for additional services.

It was also announced that London Midland will operate additional fast Milton Keynes commuter services from September this year

So one might conclude that the WCML wasn’t as full as everyone’s been telling us, and converting one first class car to standard is a pretty sensible idea!

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