1000 People Needed By Midnight Tuesday

HS2AA are launching a 48 hour campaign to raise the £25,000 needed to resist HS2 Ltd’s efforts to gag us in Parliament. In a breathtakingly cynical manoeuvre, HS2 Ltd are trying to use Parliamentary procedure to stop our petition from even being considered by the Select Committee of MPs who are looking at the Phase 1 Hybrid Bill.

HS2AA are asking 1000 people to donate £25 before midnight Tuesday to fund our legal team through this process.

Hilary Wharf, Director of HS2AA said “It came as a huge surprise that HS2 Ltd would seek to stifle the debate by seeking to deny HS2AA the right to appear in Parliament. We don’t think they are right in law and intend to fight this all the way. We need £25,000 to pay for the legal costs of resisting these efforts. We are asking our generous supporters if they will contribute £25 each to ensure we have the resources needed to contest this application. Details of how to donate can be found at www.hs2aa.org/donate

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