Compensation Consultation DFT Still Don’t Get It

Today the Department for Transport announced the start of a new consultation on compensation.

This consultation is on the long term arrangements and was originally announced in April 2014. The consultation will last for three months. Key points for consultation are proposals for:

  • New ‘homeowner payments’ in rural areas between 120m and 300m from the line – to give them a ‘share of the HS2 benefits’, say HS2 Ltd
  • ‘Alternative cash payment’ for those within 120m in rural areas – ie taking a cash sum and staying  instead of selling to HS2 Ltd under a voluntary purchase scheme.

The new consultation started on the same day a Freedom of Information Act information request was released that showed the experts appointed by the Department for Transport, the accountants PWC,  assumed in their model  that property blight extends to 500m in rural areas,  not 120m (or even 300m).

Once more it seems there is money to overspend on the  budget for consultants, money for HS2 Ltd salaries beyond even the Prime Minster ,  but not for those who continue to suffer and bear the brunt of the very real property blight caused by HS2.

HS2AA will be circulating more detailed information for affiliates and registered supporters on how to respond to this consultation.

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