Members of Parliament and 51M Show Their Support for HS2AA

Ahead of next week’s locus hearing, our campaigns team has been working intensively to brief on route Members of Parliament about the decision by HS2 Ltd to try and gag HS2AA from presenting its petition. We have made a number of sensible proposals for the Select Committee of MPs looking at HS2 to consider-but instead of having the debate with us, HS2 Ltd prefer to use ancient Parliamentary process to try and avoid any difficult questions.

51M, the group of councils opposed to HS2 have written to the Chairman of the Select Committee asking for the application by HS2 Ltd to be rejected and you can read their letter by clicking here.

In addition, three Buckinghamshire MPs-Cheryl GIllan, David Lidington and John Bercow have written to the Select Committee-you can read their letter by clicking here and here

Frank Dobson, MP for Holborn and St. Pancras has also written to the Select Committee, calling HS2 Ltd’s action “profoundly undemocratic” You can read a copy of his letter here.

We are also grateful that Michael Fabricant MP, James Lefoy MP and Andrew Brigden MP have also contacted the Select Committee on this matter.


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