HS2AA Launch Email Consultation Tool

HS2AA have today launched a tool for people wishing to respond to the current consultation on compensation arrangements for Phase 1 of HS2.

The tool can be accessed by going to http://www.hs2actionalliance.org/2014consultation/ 

For people wishing to make a more detailed response, all the resources necessary for responding can be found at http://www.hs2actionalliance.org/compensation-consultation-2014/

Hilary Wharf, Director of HS2AA said “HS2 Ltd and the Government have cynically ignored their obligations on compensation. This is the sixth consultation on this area and they still don’t appear to be able to get it right. It is therefore important that people make their views known and push the Government to do the right thing for the communities blighted by HS2. Our new web tool and resources page will hopefully give people all the information they need to respond.

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