YouGov Poll-Devastating For HS2

Today’s YouGov poll is devastating for the spin doctors and vested interests pushing HS2. In simple terms, it shows large majorities opposed to the project in every region of the UK and every age demographic.

Opposition to HS2: People opposing HS2 phase 1 (55%) are 2.5 times as many as people supporting it (22%).

Capital spending:  spending on upgrading existing railways (31% support) and extending broadband (19%) still outstrip support for spending on HS2 (9%), 3 to 1, and 2 to 1.  With NHS (64%) and social housing (44%) still topping the bill

The environmental impact of HS2:  Few people have bought the Government’s spiel on this – more than 5 times the number of people think it will have a negative impact (53%) than positive (10%)

The political class don’t appear to comprehend the degree of opposition to the scheme. You can read the full results by clicking here

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