New Environmental Statement Consultation

The Government has produced a suite of documents which make up the Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES).

The original Environmental Statement consisted of over 50,000 pages and was widely criticised for being inadequate and inaccurate. As a result the SES, which mainly aims to correct the mistakes in the original document, is 8751 pages long.

Almost everywhere is subject to the changes in impact made in the SES. We would encourage people to exercise their right to be heard about the contents of this new document.

You can view the documentation by clicking here and the Non-Technicial Summary, which summarises the main changes can be accessed by clicking here.

The consultation on the SES, which is due to end on 28th August. You can respond by email to or use the freepost address:

FREEPOST HS2 AP2 CONSULTATION (no stamp required)

Having reviewed the documentation produced, they appear to be deliberately and needlessly complicated and designed to continue the strategy pursued by HS2 Ltd to confuse and hide the likely level of environmental impacts.

We would suggest if you respond, you make clear your concerns about how confusingly the information is provided and that it is very difficult to follow what changes HS2 Ltd are proposing for a particular area.


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