HS2AA To Push For Fair Deal On Noise

HS2AA will be appearing before the HS2 Select Committee this afternoon to push for a fair deal on noise.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we have been able to engage a prominent expert in the area, Doug Sharps of Sharps Acoustics and a leading counsel, Reuben Taylor QC of Landmark Chambers to put the case before the HS2 Select Committee.

This is an emotive issue, made worse by the persistent refusal of HS2 Ltd to explain simply and clearly the likely scale of noise impacts from their plans.

Our proposals to the Select Committee are designed to reduce the impact on communities from noise through:

  • requiring HS2 Ltd to comply with current Government policy and technical guidance on noise.
  • getting HS2 Ltd to adopt noise limits which protect people’s health.
  • asking for lower noise limits for quiet areas, night time noise and construction noise.
  • getting HS2 Ltd to accept that trains should run at lower speeds where noise is greater than relevant limits.
  • enabling local authorities to have a say in noise mitigation.
  • creating an independent third party regulator to monitor noise limits and noise levels with powers to step in where limits are being breached.

This is an issue which is broader than whether or not your MP favours HS2-it is about basic fairness and regard to human health. We have prepared a one page briefing for MPs on noise which can be accessed here.


If you would like to know more detail about the case we will be putting forward you can click here to review our presentation and here to review the detailed report we have had produced.

Thank you to everyone whose financial support has made today possible.

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