Parliamentary Commissioner Slams HS2

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, an independent body created to review claims of maladministraton by Government bodies has published a report on the actions of HS2 in its dealings with one hamlet.

The report is highly critical of HS2 Ltd stating that:

We found that overall HS2 Ltd’s actions fell below the reasonable standards we would expect, so much so that they constituted maladministration. While we recognise that the time period covered in our report was always going to be stressful, HS2 Ltd could, and should, have minimised the impact on the residents by being open, accountable and customer focused. Instead HS2 Ltd’s repeated delay in providing feedback to the residents on their relocation proposal made a stressful situation worse and caused them inconvenience and frustration.

HS2 Ltd have been required to pay additional compensation to impacted residents and arrange for an independent inquiry into HS2 Ltd engage with persons impacted by their plans. David Higgins, Chairman of HS2 Ltd was unavailable for comment.

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