Further Petitioning Opportunity-Deadline 13 November

HS2 have recently issued a series of amendments to the Phase 1 Hybrid Bill on the route of Phase 1 called Additional Provision 4.  HS2 have also published another Environmental Statement which seeks to describe the environmental impacts of these changes.

The documents contain significant changes to the existing plans for Phase 1 of HS2 along most of the proposed route.

If you live in an area impacted  by Phase 1 of HS2 the new plans could mean new impacts to your local area both during and after construction of HS2 and we would encourage you to look at the changes for your area and assess if they may affect you and have your say.

But you must act quickly-the deadline for submitting petitions is 13 November. 

HS2 Ltd have provided numerous documents in connection with these changes and the signposting between them is not that clear.

The revised documentation can be found by clicking here  We would suggest the following approach.

First, go to the Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary-this is the document which is supposed to set out at a high level the topics covered as a result of the proposed changes. This document can be found by clicking here

Second, go to Page 6 of this document and determine which “Community Forum Area” you live in. Once you know this, you will be able to use this document to review the changes that will impact you.

Third, go to the summary of Residual Environmental Effects which starts at Page 57 and scroll down to the section which deals wth the Community Forum Area in which you live. You will find set out here details of the environmental impacts of the  changes proposed by HS2, split into Community Forum Area.

Fourth, go to Additional Provision 4 Environmental Statement on Page 71 and scroll down to the section which deals with the Community Forum area in which you live. You will find set out here details of the changes HS2 Ltd propose to make in your area.

If you are affected in any way by any of the proposed changes you can submit another petition to appear before the HS2 Select Committee and request changes to what is being proposed by HS2 Ltd.  Please remember the following details about petitioning

  • If you have already submitted a petition you will not need to pay a further petitioning fee.  If you have not previously submitted a petition you will have to pay the fee which is £20.
  • A guide to how to petition published by Parliament can be located by clicking here   A useful checklist has also been produced by Parliament for you to use to make sure you have all the right documents before submitting your petition. You can access this document by clicking here.
  • As before, you can appear in person or you can nominate someone else to represent you (a “Role B agent”).  This can be a member of your local action group, councillor or anyone else who is willing to appear on your behalf.
  • You must either deliver your petition in person to Portcullis House (next to Westminster Tube station) or your local MP may be prepared to accept petitions on your behalf and submit them for you. We would suggest you check with your MP first before handing in a petition.  

We know that petitioning can be a tricky process to navigate and so to make the process easier you can access an example petition by clicking here which you could amend to include your own details, in your own words and the points that you wish to raise that affect you.  You may also find useful some additional clauses to insert into your petition which you can access by clicking here.

Remember, if submitting a petition

  • The HS2 Select Committee cannot hear arguments about whether or not the HS2 scheme is a good idea-their remit is to look at specific changes to assist with mitigation of the scheme.
  • The points should cover new issues arising from the latest changes and not repeat what you might have put in a previous petition.
  • Petitions need not be long documents-if there are only a couple of points you wish to make-that is fine.



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