HS2AA Appear Before Select Committee

HS2AA appeared for over four hours this afternoon to put forward key matters raised in its petition. The time limitations of the Hybrid Bill process meant we were only able to bring a number of the points raised in our petition before the HS2 Hybrid Bill Select Committee.

We pushed for four key objectives:
· Reduced speed (from 360 to 300kph) with benefits on carbon, noise, capacity and costs
· Proper independent regulatory body – we provided chapter and verse on how it would work, and be better than HS2 Ltd’s proposed arrangements.
· Better environmental outcomes – with HS2 Ltd to be required to deliver “to best practical means” and not (as currently required which is also determined AFTER Bill consent) to what is” reasonably practicable” and so subject to cost.
· Guarantees on the 2m trees – given 31% failed when they did HS1. To date few details have been provided on this area.
HS2AA was represented by Robert McCracken QC who fought hard with our eight expert witnesses who gave evidence covering Carbon, Air Quality, Noise, Landscape, Waste, Trees, Ecology and Railways. Once again sincere thanks to our supporters across the country who donated to ensure we had the funds to make the case for better environmental mitigation from the project.
You can read the transcript by clicking here

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