HS2AA In The House of Lords

Following HS2AA’s appearance before the House of Lords HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee a copy of our slides can be accessed by clicking here, a copy of the Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP witness statement can be accessed by clicking here, the witness statement of Hilary Wharf of HS2AA can be accessed by clicking here and the skeleton argument can be produced by clicking here.

You can watch the Committee hearing our case by clicking here. Please note the HS2AA section begins at 11.18.

For those still to take your challenge please note
· You get no right of reply (that is at the discretion of the chair in the rules and he is not allowing it)
· H2 Ltd will look to find someone else or another group that argues the same point in their petition (that has not been challenged) – so pre-empt that point in your argument
· Remember to argue why you have locus, and not the issues in your petition

Sounds fair doesn’t it?

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