Is Your Petition Being Challenged in the House of Lords?

HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport are cynically seeking to exclude as many petitions as possible from being heard by the House of Lords Committee which is considering Phase 1 of HS2.

The chair of the House of Lords Select Committee has provided the following statement as guidance on who, in their view, can petition.

‘For an individual petitioner claiming the right to be heard it is necessary to show that his or her property interests (typically a dwelling house or possibly a shop or a farm) are directly and specially affected by the project authorised by the bill, either by compulsory acquisition or by noise, vibration or something else amounting to a common law niusance, or other interference with a property right.

If your petition is under challenge from HS2 Ltd it would be important to ensure it complies with this statement made by the Chair.

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