DfT has asked to meet with HS2AA on Compensation Scheme

DfT has asked to meet with HS2AA on Compensation Scheme

Some of you may have wondered what happened when we took your compensation arguments to the House of Lords on 8 November.

I sent an e-mail round that summarised the reaction from Mr Mould.  Well that was round 1.

Round 2 says something must have struck home as the news is the Promoter made a statement in the Lords Select committee on Tuesday this week that said

“The Department for Transport shares the Alliance’s view that, given the evolving maturity of the NTS scheme and the feedback received on its operational effectiveness, there is a case to amend the NTS guidance on criterion five, compelling need to sell, along the lines articulated by Ms Wharf on behalf of the Alliance”

Now before you get too excited about what we won, I need to meet them and remember I have put in many thousands of pages of consultation responses on your behalf over the years that have fallen on deaf ears.  Though we have been noticed given we won a high court case against them on one consultation!. So why have they responded this way, this time?  Did they feel the arguments were irrefutable and want to head off the House of Lords from agreeing with them and thought this a neat move to buy us off?

But something has struck a chord.  Let’s hope it was Mr Mould’s statement to the Lords on 11 October 2016 when he told the Committee that ‘your retirement plans that include things like moving to the seaside’ are part of the Need to Sell scheme.  They are not of course, yet, but he told the Committee they were.  I will be emphasising this point most strongly.

The Residents Commissioner has also just written to HS2AA asking to meet too and know more.

Maybe with a concerted action we can get a fairer scheme for everyone.

In case you missed them earlier the Compensation slides, the report and the new Statement to the House of Lords, they are here;





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