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Update from HS2AA at Lib Dem Conference – 2012

This is hello from Brighton from our stand at the lib dems conference. After a huge amount of work from the […]

Rebuttal of William Barter’s Analysis of 51M’s alternative to HS2

Writing on the Go-HS2 blog, William Barter is claiming that  51m’s alternative to HS2 would either cut local services between Birmingham and Coventry […]

Advertising Standards decision on our maps advert

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has today published its findings over a complaint against HS2AA’s Maps Advertisement.  The ASA found […]

DfT discover more consultation responses lost

How much worse can it get? DfT announce they have discovered they have lost more responses that they thought. Just another 722 […]

The opportunity to think again

The latest update of why HS2 is not in the national interest  and our blow by blow account of the flaws […]

HS2 Unwilling To Run A Fair Consultation

Earlier this month we wrote to HS2 Limited identifying the numerous problems with the consultation currently being undertaken on the […]

DfT’s new business case for HS2 hides more than it reveals

DfT announce a new business case for HS2 that includes the Y route, but does not release it. They declare […]

HS2AA Raise Important Issues on Revised HS2 Business Case

HS2AA has today written to Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Transport about the revised business case for HS2 […]

Taking Secretary of State to task

HS2AA have written to Justine Greening about the changes to the HS2 business case that are now overdue.  Hilary Wharf, said […]

Case for HS2 based on capacity collapses

Hilary Wharf, Director HS2AA, said “the announcement that First Group win the next WCML franchise completely undermines DfT’s case for […]