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House of Commons Transport Select Committee Evidence Now Available To Review

All the written submissions to the Transport Select Committee can be found on their parliamentary website.

A Better Railway For Britain

A new document is published today by AGAHST, of which HS2AA is part,  “A Better Railway for Britain ” – […]

Archie Norman, Chairman of ITV and ‘turnround king’ of Asda, calls on Cameron and the Government to scrap HS2

  Archie Norman says in the FT : “● Scrap High Speed 2. HS2 is the most extraordinarily expensive “grand […]

HS2 is not the best solution to capacity challenge

The Chair of the All Parliamentary Group for HS2, Stuart Andrew, MP, has written in the MPs House magazine (read […]

18 Trains An Hour?

The debate moves up a gear. HS2 Ltd tell the  Transport Select Committee they have just got some evidence on […]

Philip Hammond Confirms Trains Are A “Rich Man’s” Toy

Hammond the Transport Select Committee that trains are a ‘rich man’s toy’. We welcome the fact he takes our point.

The Economist Speaks Out Against HS2

Great to see the Economist on side: “In most developed economies high-speed railways fail to bridge regional divides and sometimes […]

Government’s defence of HS2 is in tatters

Latest analysis by HS2AA of the written responses provided by the Department for Transport can be viewed here and by HS2 Ltd […]

HS2AA Provide Additional Evidence for Transport Select Committee

We gave Additional Transport Select Committee Evidence to the Transport Select Committee. This is in addition to the evidence we previously gave […]

HS2 is London-Centric

The Government and pro-HS2 campaigners often suggest HS2 will help bridge the North-South divide. Behind the rhetoric and spin, a […]