HS2 is London-centric

Experts say if high speed rail connects two cities, it is to a dominant capital city, that the economic benefits flow. London will therefore be the greatest beneficiary from HS2. The official figures support this contention.

HS2’s own forecasts state 80% of journeys on the new line will begin or end in London. The Department for Transport’s own models predict twice as many journeys will have London as a destination compared to the number of journeys originating there. Given that most of the trips on HS2 are forecast to be for leisure purposes (around 70 per cent), more people and more money will go to London and so will the jobs to support this.

It is therefore easy to understand why HS2 predict over 70% of the new jobs related to “regeneration” from stage 1 of HS2 will be created in London.

These figures are not surprising given HS2 is literally useless for journeys between northern cities-people wishing to travel between Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester or Newcastle. HS2’s route design is all about moving people to London, as quickly as possible

Whilst the Government talks about regenerating the North through HS2, in reality high speed rail appears focused on extending the London commuter belt beyond Birmingham, when the funds being devoted to HS2 should be used to create an engine for growth in the North.