There is a broad campaign against HS2 which includes groups created to challenge the basis for the project, charities and local government. Some groups are purely local, whilst others have regional or national roles-all are united in their opposition to HS2.

Action Groups Against HS2 (AGAHST) is the coordinating body which works with 90 local community action groups that exist to oppose HS2 and two national campaigning organisations: HS2AA and Stop HS2.

Stop HS2 is a national campaign opposing HS2 through campaigning and raising awareness.

51m is a group of 18 local authorities that has joined together in a national campaign to actively challenge the HS2 rail project. The group is known as “51m” because that represents how much HS2 will cost each and every Parliamentary Constituency… £51 million!

Wildlife Trusts, the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places everywhere. They are supported by more than 800,000 members and oppose HS2.


Official HS2 (mis)information

The Department for Transport on HS2

HS2 Ltd

Network Rail on HS2



Current proposals for route of Phase 1

Current proposals for route of Phase 2

Phase 1 Proposed revised line of route maps as announced 10 January 2012 by DfT

Phase 1 Proposed route maps as announced 28 February 2011 by DfT


Further Information

House of Commons Transport Select Committee on high speed rail

House of Commons Public Account Committee on HS1 and the implications for HS2

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Environmental impacts of HS2

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US Congressional Research Service on High Speed Rail (pdf)


Background Documents on HS2

Objectives and Remit of HS2

High Speed Rail – Command Paper (March 2010) (pdf)

Road and Rail Alternative Study, a report commissioned by Department for Transport to consider potential alternatives to High Speed Two (March 2010)

High Speed Rail London to the West Midlands and Beyond: a report to Government by High Speed Two Ltd (March 2010)

Proposed High Speed Rail Strategy for Consultation – as announced 20 December 2010

High Speed Rail Consultation documentation (February 2011)

Government decision to proceed with HS2 (January 2012)

High Speed Rail Strategic Alternatives Study (January 2012)