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Network Rail Announcement Means 51M Alternative Can Be Subsidy Free

New work shows that following Networks Rail’s plans to go ahead with improvements to the West Coast Main Line in […]

HS2AA takes its legal fight to the Court of Appeal

HS2AA today began its appeal of Justice Ouseley’s decision in March 2013 on HS2 that the Government had complied with […]

HS2 Environmental Appeal in Court Monday 10th June Despite Government Bully Boy Tactics

The Government will be in the Court of Appeal at 10.00am on 10th June 2013 defending its decision not to […]

Paving the way to ££££ recklessness

With Government launching their Preparation Bill – or Money Bill, to spend spend spend on HS2, HS2AA launch a new […]

Latest Consultation is an Omnishambles

 HS2AA catalogue the long list of reasons why the latest environmental consultation on HS2 is shambolic. Adverts in wrong papers, […]

HS2AA announces it has raised funds to appeal HS2’s Environment Judicial Review Decision

The Government will be in the Court of Appeal on 10th June 2013 defending its decision not to comply with […]

New Consultations – have your say

HS2 Ltd/DfT have issued a Draft Environmental Statement for Phase 1 (London to Birmingham) for an 8 week consultation which […]

Major Projects Authority report finally leaked out

The truth about the status of UK’s £350bn worth of major projects has finally been released. HS2 is up with […]

EHS Scheme not fit for purpose

 HS2AA submitted its 84 page reponse to the Government’s latest compensation consultation for Phase 2 (Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester) of […]

HS2AA alert Select Committees

HS2AA have written to the Public Accounts Committee and the Transport Select Committee over our concern at misleading statements made […]