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Just How Much Will HS2 Cost Us All?

Check out our new advert How Much Is HS2 Costing?, which will appear shortly in the Government Gazette and Total Politics.

Lord Adonis-Time to Come Clean on HS2

Lord Adonis’ presentation of the business case on previous occasions has been misleading, particularly on alternatives. Lord Adonis repeatedly and […]

HS2AA counter Yorkshire business leaders letter to The Daily Telegraph

In a letter titled “Business leaders believe high-speed rail will help northern cities to grow”, May 16) by stating that ‘contrary […]

Myth Busting The Spin of Yes to HS2

The new campaign group ‘Yes to High Speed Rail’ that was being promoted by The Secretary of State for Transport. […]

Policy Exchange Debate on HS2

The Policy Exchange, a Tory think tank, held an HS2 debate last night, 4 April. Its clear there are significant […]

Taxpayers Alliance Issue Report on HS2

Hilary Wharf of HS2ActionAlliance said: “The Taxpayers’ Alliance is right. The Government’s case for high speed rail just doesn’t stack […]

HS2 Phase 1 to deliver just 30p for every £1 invested

Analysis by HS2AA of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) new business case for High Speed Two (HS2) – issued on the […]

Sunday Telegraph Comes Out Against HS2

In a welcome development, the Sunday Telegraph sets out why HS2 is not in the national interest. Found out more […]

HS2AA Property Blight Study

100601 HS2AA Property Blight Study