High Speed Rail White Elephant Goes Off The Rails

21 June 2011 – Commenting on today’s Oxera report on the case for high speed rail, Jerry Marshall, Chairman of Action Groups Against High Speed Two said:

“This report shows that Philip Hammond’s high speed rail project is going off the rails. It shows that the Government’s case is shot throgh with uncertainty and that the estimates of the benefits are based on a full network to Manchester and Leeds, yet the Department have only done detailed work on the first stage from London to Birmingham. The DfT’s consultation is fundamentally flawed and should be halted until this detailed work has been carried out.

“Spending £34 billion of taxpayers money on a project which has only been half examined would be scandalous at any time but is completely unjustifiable at a time of severe public sector cuts.  HS2 is hitting the buffers and it can only be a matter of time before it goes the way of the forestry sell off, the NHS reforms and sentencing. It’s time for this £34b white elephant to be dropped”