Debate in House of Lords on HS2 Business Case

11th July 2012 – Following the Public Accounts Committee’s call for a thorough review of the business case for High Speed Rail Two (HS2) last week (some of the underpinning assumptions are untenable and they call for a rework of the figures) David Cameron’s Step-father- in- Law, Viscount Astor, has called a dinner debate in the Lords at 7.30pm today, 11th July 2012.

The title of the question is:

Viscount Astor to ask Her Majesty’s Government’ what progress they have made in reviewing the economic viability, value for money and benefit-cost ratios of the High Speed 2 London to Birmingham, and London to Leeds and Manchester, lines.

Many organisations from The Taxpayer’s Alliance, Institute of Directors, Institute of Economic Affairs, New Economics Foundation, RAC Foundation, the Centre for Policy Studies, and Centre for Business and Economic Research to the Countryside Alliance and the Green Party have expressed serious doubts about the economic case.

Commenting on the debate, Hilary Wharf, director, HS2 Action Alliance said;

“The case for HS2 is bankrupt. The fact that the business case is visibly crumbling is more evident each day, and it is time for the Government accept the alternative of sweating our existing assets – enabling us to deliver more benefits to more people and more quickly.”

HS2AA explain the key flaws in the business case at


Notes for editors:

HS2 Action Alliance is a national organisation making the powerful case against HS2. It is a not for profit organisation working with over 70 local groups, who believe HS2 does not represent an effective answer to the UK’s transport, economic or environmental needs.They have undertaken detailed evaluations of the business case for HS2. The  A series of advertisements have been published highlighting the ever diminishing business case, the alternatives and most recently some hidden reports