YouGov Poll: Majority of British Voters Reject HS2

31st October 2014 – A new YouGov poll shows that 53 percent of UK voters oppose the Government’s plans for HS2, with just 27 percent supporting it.

Despite a fabricated Government report that building rail capacity using alternatives to HS2 would result in 14 years of disruption 40 percent of the public prefer this to HS2. Another 19 percent would prefer that train services were not upgraded at all, meaning a combined 59% would prefer an alternative to HS2.

Regional opposition

The news does not get any better when you look at the regional breakdown. 52% of adults in the North oppose HS2 with just 26 percent supporting the £50 billion project. 55 percent of those surveyed in the Midlands and Wales are opposed to the line. Opposition jumps to 64 percent in Scotland while 42 percent of Londoners oppose the plans.

Voting intention

With the Labour party split over its support for HS2 maybe the fact that 55 percent of Labour voters oppose it might help focus their minds. 43 percent of Conservative voters oppose HS2 with 38 percent supporting. With Lib Dem voters being split exactly the same way.

Commenting on the findings Hilary Wharf, director, HS2 Action Alliance, said;

“Despite five business cases, vast amounts of spin and wild fabrications about the impact of upgrading current lines, the British public is clear that HS2 is a political vanity project that should be consigned to history.”

A full breakdown of the survey’s findings can be read here.


Notes to editors:

HS2AA is a national not for profit organisation working with over 100 local groups who all believe HS2 does not represent an effective answer to the UK’s transport, economic or environmental needs. HS2AA have focused on an evidenced-based approach to challenging the business case, the environmental case and compensation arrangements.

For more information please contact:

Richard Houghton

HS2 Action Alliance

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