Politicians Against HS2

Over the last three years numerous Members of Parliament have signalled their opposition to HS2-on economic, environmental and transport grounds. With your help, our campaigns team continues to engage with politicians of all parties to make the powerful case against HS2.

amessDavid Amess MP, Southend West (Conservative)
I cannot understand why we will spend so much money and upset so many people in order to get to the end of the line 20 minutes sooner than would otherwise be the case. That is absolutely ridiculous and I hope that the Government will think again.

bakerSteve Baker MP, Wycombe (Conservative)
I have been a vocal opponent of HS2 in Parliament since my election.

baldrySir Tony Baldry MP, North Oxfordshire (Conservative)
I think there will continue to be a very real issue as to whether this is going to be a project which the Treasury is going to be able to properly fund.

amessJohn Baron MP, Basildon and Billericay (Conservative)
Spending £40 billion to take an hour off a journey makes little sense in these austere times.

bebbGuto Bebb MP, Aberconwy (Labour)
How [will] the economic case for north Wales will be improved by making the journey time to Manchester 1h 10 mins rather than 1h 50 mins, when north Wales will still be 3 1/2 hours away?

bercowJohn Bercow MP, Buckingham (Speaker)
Irresponsible and should be rejected… unaffordable […] I can’t promise I can get this reversed, but I can promise to do my level best.

bridgenAndrew Bridgen MP, North West Leicestershire (Conservative)
I already have concerns about the cost of HS2, the damage to the countryside and whether it would rebalance the regional economy as planned. Having seen the impact it would have on North West Leicestershire, where we would suffer all of the pain and none of the gain, it only reinforces my views against HS2.

brineSteve Brine MP, Winchester (Conservative)
I think it is a bit of a white elephant.

bruceFiona Bruce MP, Congleton (Conservative)
Many issues [in my constituency] could be resolved at a fraction of the £51m that I understand would be the cost of HS2 to my constituency.

bylesDan Byles MP, North Warwickshire and Bedworth (Conservative)
I will continue to work with local activists and councillors to campaign against this project, which I am firmly opposed to.

cashBill Cash MP, Stone (Conservative)
We will fight this dreadful HS2 plan.

amessChristopher Chope MP, Christchurch (Conservative)
[HS2 is] an extremely expensive example of political folly… we would get a lot more bang for our buck from this £32 billion in some new motorways, bypasses and upgrading the existing rail network.

baldryJim Cunningham, Coventry South (Labour)
I am extremely concerned about HS2 – I am not convinced that it is a good deal for Coventry.

amessAlistair Darling MP, Edinburgh South West (Labour)
I can no longer back high-speed rail. There are better ways to spend £50bn than on one line.

amessPhilip Davies MP, Shipley (Conservative)
Rather than waste all this money on HS2, which to me is a white elephant, money should be spent locally. I’ve never met a business that has said, ‘if you can’t get me to London 40 minutes quicker, then I’m out of here’.

amessDavid Davis MP, Halthem Price and Howden (Conservative)
We should cancel the blighted HS2 rail project, which will take us 20 years to work up to being second to France, and spend a small fraction of its bloated costs on a superfast broadband to every house in the country, allowing us to steal a march on the whole world.

amessFrank Dobson MP, Holborn and St Pancras (Labour)
HS2 is a vanity project. The sooner it is killed off the better for Camden and the better for Britain.

baldryNatascha Engel MP, North East Derbyshire (Labour)
I hope Labour is getting cold feed on HS2

amessGeorge Eustice MP, Camborne and Redruth (Conservative)
A fortune is being spent to shave 20 minutes of the journey time from London to Birmingham when those of us who live at the end of the line in Cornwall have to travel for the best part of 6 hours.

baldryPaul Farrelly, Newcastle-under-Lyme (Labour)
I do not support HS2 as the plans stand.

Cheryl Gillan MP, Chesham and Amersham (Conservative)
I am opposed to High Speed 2.

amessRoger Godsiff MP, Birmingham Hall Green (Labour)
HS2 is ‘vanity scheme’ which will cost taxpayers billions of pounds for no good reason… the money could be better spent improving public transport in Birmingham.

amessTom Harris MP, Glasgow South (Labour)
I no longer support HS2. Parliament should revisit its decision to finance this scheme.

amessChris Heaton-Harris MP, Daventry (Conservative)
I remain an HS2 sceptic and would like to see a proper value for money case put forward and a change of route.

amessKate Hoey MP, Vauxhall (Labour)
I am opposed to High Speed 2.

amessKelvin Hopkins MP, Luton North (Labour)
It is an unnecessary route and will be very expensive, and that money would be better spent elsewhere on modernisation, electrification and resignalling.

amessNick Hurd MP, Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner (Conservative)
There is insufficient evidence in the validity of the HS2 business case and there is no environmental case.

Stewart Jackson MP, Peterborough (Conservative)
Is not the lesson of such discrete local transport infrastructure projects that they deliver a much more profound impact on jobs and growth than grandiose projects such as High Speed 2, the business case for which is fatally flawed?

Sir Greg Knight MP, East Yorkshire (Conservative)
It would be more appropriate to spend just a fraction of this money on improving our own road network, particularly bearing in mind that less than 10% of all journeys are undertaken by rail.

Andrea Leadsom MP, South Northamptonshire (Conservative)
The case simply does not make economic sense… the more I get to know about it, the more I am against it.

Jeremy Lefroy MP, Stafford (Conservative)
I have been studying the business case for the whole line and I have come to the conclusion that it does not add up. Whether I look at the projected passenger numbers or the budgeted costs, I see major flaws. There is, for instance, little account taken of work done by passengers on trains at the moment.

Sir Edward Leigh MP, Gainsborough (Conservative)
High Speed 2 is perhaps the greatest government boondoggle in the making. HS2 will provide relief only to the few companies to gain government contracts from it while tearing through Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Even more foolishly, the cost will direct money away from conventional rail infrastructure that is badly in need of investment.

Dr Julian Lewis MP, New Forest East (Conservative)
At a time when we in constituencies that are not directly affected by this railway project are nevertheless having to fight, for example, to save hospitals from closure due to cuts, it seems sheer madness to look at this level of investment instead of at saving our services.

David Liddington MP, Aylesbury (Conservative)
If it came down to it, I would vote against the route as proposed. I am personally against it.

Caroline Lucas MP, Brighton Pavillion (Green)
The HS2 rail project is expensive, environmentally damaging and badly thought through.

baldryAnne McIntosh, Thirsk & Malton (Conservative)
Voted against HS2 Paving Bill

Anne Main MP, St Albans (Conservative)
I think it is very interesting and important to discuss the business sense behind this scheme, as well as the environmental concerns that have been raised regarding it.

Austin Mitchell MP, Great Grimsby (Labour)
Don’t believe all the propaganda the Government is putting out about the high speed train and what it will do to boost the North. It will do nothing.

David Nuttall MP, Bury North (Conservative)
There are better ways large amounts of money could be spent on improving life for my constituents, very few whom will regularly use the proposed new service.

Stephen O’Brien MP, Eddisbury (Conservative)
I believe there is no business case for HS2 and I want to help to ensure that my constituents’ voices are heard.

Mark Pawsey MP, Rugby (Conservative)
I am not supportive of the proposals and do not feel they are justified in the current economic climate.

Christopher Pincher MP, Tamworth (Conservative)
I continue to question the entire project as I believe the HS2 business case does not stack up.

Mark Pritchard MP, The Wrekin (Conservative)
I think the costs to taxpayers and to the environment outweigh any possible benefits.

John Randall MP, Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Conservative)
HS2 is simply not the answer to improved rail services and economic growth. There are other alternatives, which I believe have not been properly considered.

John Redwood MP, Wokingham (Conservative)
This expensive and contentious new track.

Geoffrey Robinson MP, Coventry North West (Labour)
A monumental waste of money and diversion of scarce resources.

Sir Bob Russell MP, Colchester (Conservative)
Far from the high speed railway being of assistance to the north, I fear it would have the opposite effect – it would drag even more people and business from the north to the south. I also think that the way the line would cut through the countryside, plus demolitions in London and elsewhere, mean it would be a planning and environmental disaster.

baldryAdrian Sanders MP, Torbay (Liberal Democrat)
There’s no benefit at all to the far South West. We have the slowest speeds and the highest fares and all the new investment is going to go elsewhere.

sheermanBarry Sheerman MP, Huddersfield (Labour)
The case has not been made and I am concerned that what we are really creating is an over-priced, exclusive commuter line from Manchester to London enabling people to enjoy cheaper house prices in the north.

Ian Swales MP, Redcar (Liberal Democrat)
I feel high speed rail is of doubtful benefit to the North East

Andrew Turner MP, Isle of Wight (Conservative)
HS2 has been proposed as a solution to the problems we currently face. We are told that it is green, that it will deliver regional growth and that it will resolve slow journey speeds between British cities. However, all those claims are questionable.

Sarah Woolaston MP, Totnes (Conservative)
If just a fraction – even the tiniest fraction – of the investment in HS2 were invested in cycling infrastructure, it could transform the lives of millions of people across the UK. I am a south-west MP and in that region we feel that we could have benefited from a small percentage of that investment in HS2 being invested in electrification of the line down to the south-west, preventing it from being completely cut off every time that it rains heavily.

Chris White MP, Warwick and Leamington (Conservative)
In my opinion, HS2 fails… on affordability, effectiveness and on providing value to the taxpayer – and I will continue to press for the Government to reconsider this project.

Jeremy Wright MP, Kenilworth and Southam (Conservative)
I believe HS2 is defective in two areas – the business case and the preferred route. I am also concerned about the effect HS2 could have on the remainder of the rail network.