Have Your Say On Compensation

The Government is asking for your views on the final aspects of their proposed schemes for compensating households blighted by Phase 1 of HS2.

They want to introduce two new schemes-called the “Alternative Cash Payment” and “Home Owner Payment”. Both schemes are highly restrictive – applying to few households and in rural areas only. Meanwhile the vast majority of people, living in urban and rural areas who are blighted by HS2, will get nothing. The needs of social housing and council tenants are also being ignored.

It is therefore an important opportunity to make your views known to David Cameron, Patrick McLoughlin and HS2 Ltd boss David Higgins that they need to deal with blight and compensation fairly before the consultation closes on 30 September 2014 at 23.45.

The reality is that blight is extensive and severe. The combination of adverse environmental effects and reduction in property values is causing stress and damaging people’s health and wellbeing. In short, there is a callous disregard for the harmful effects of HS2 from this Government.

HS2AA say people should be free to move home and re-mortgage and not be trapped, unable to get on with their lives as they normally would.

HS2AA’s proposals for a “Property Bond” , which reflect private sector best practice and would deliver a fair deal to communities blighted by HS2 has been rejected by HS2 Ltd. Yet these proposals were assessed by international accountants PwC for the Department for Transport as being feasible, having low net costs (£30 to £158 million even out to 500m) and being able to provide reassurance to people and the market.

If you believe in fairness and agree it is a basic right to be free to move and remortgage when you want rather than being trapped by HS2 please make your views known to the Government by completing the details below and responding to this consultation.