HS2 dealt another blow

Simon Kirby the current CEO of HS2 Ltd quits to join Rolls Royce.

But the question is did you even notice that he had arrived some two years ago?

Despite being UK’s highest paid civil servant on £750,000 a year his CV is rather thin on achievements . Since he has been at the helm would you really have expected him to preside over;

  • A 2-year delay in settling phase 2?
  • Still no respectable solution for its London terminus at Euston – threatening the Phase 1 opening date (says the National Audit Office)?
  • Rising project costs?
  • Increasing public scepticism on the so-called benefits, and the clamour for a re-think?

One can only speculate what might have been worse without him?

HS2 does not need another leader paid 5 times our Prime Minister to try and achieve the impossible –it just needs to be cancelled.

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