And still the costs keep rising…..

The Adam Smith Institute is the latest to suggest the costs of HS2 are rising and may top £80bn and it would be “economically irresponsible” to continue with it; a few weeks ago the Taxpayers Alliance estimated over £90bn – and called it “wasteful”, “unlikely to be completed on schedule”, and pointed out that UK high speed rail costs are 9 times greater than in France; more than 2 years ago even the Treasury said it totted up to some £70bn, and the Institute of Economic Affairs gave it a price tag of £80bn.

Yet still the official figures doggedly remain just over £50bn.

So who is right?  Time will tell if it continues.

In any event we are talking a colossal sum of money that is far better spent in other ways – doctors, nurses, hospitals, commuter trains, buses, trams, police, teachers, tuition fees, the list goes on.

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