About Us

HS2 Action Alliance was founded in 2010.

Over the last three years, HS2AA has evaluated and challenged the flawed economic and environmental case for HS2 in the media, Parliament and the courts.

HS2AA’s approach is focused on communicating a robust, evidence based, case that HS2 is not in the national interest. We believe that by setting out the facts about HS2 clearly and accurately and providing evidence where required we can set out why HS2 represents a bad deal for Britain.

HS2AA is not an organisation of “NIMBYs” or against the UK having a world class transport system or an economy able to compete and win. We believe the evidence and arguments which have been collated by HS2AA and others who oppose this scheme provide a clear weight of evidence that HS2 is a hugely flawed project, unlikely to deliver the benefits promoted by Government.

Another core work stream of HS2AA is to correct the injustice of property blight, by seeking to minimise the adverse impacts of HS2 on individuals, communities and the environment. We have worked with HS2 Ltd, Government and other stakeholders to emphasise the consequences of blight and promote policies which could deal with the issue. In particular, we have promoted an Alternative Compensation Solution based on private sector best practice known as the “Property Bond”.

We are also working with local communities to deliver best possible mitigation options where HS2 Ltd are ignoring or seeking to marginalise the impact of the new line.

HS2AA works closely with other groups challenging HS2 including the 51M Group of local authorities opposed to the scheme, environmental groups such as the Wildlife Trusts and Buglife and AGAHST, the national coordinating body for opposition to HS2. We also work with the over 90 local groups that oppose HS2 which are affiliated to HS2AA across the country