Meet the Team

HS2AA is managed by ordinary people who oppose HS2 – no one is paid and they all serve on a voluntary basis.


Hilary Wharf Director

Hilary is an economist. After a career with British Coal, she has worked for key rail organisations in the UK over the last 20 years.

Hilary says she opposes HS2 as it is “an investment in obsolescence”.

Bruce Weston Director

Bruce is an operational research scientist. In recent years Bruce has worked almost exclusively for train companies in connection with bids for rail franchises. Bruce believes any objective review of the evidence available confirms that HS2 is the wrong project-economically and environmentally.

Graham Long Director

Graham qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and subsequently held a variety of senior managerial positions in Midland/HSBC Bank. Graham has been a Governor at Coventry University since 2008 and serves on a variety of bodies promoting industry in the Midlands. Graham believes the capacity case put forward by the Government doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


Andrew Bodman Director

Andrew studied mechanical engineering and worked for Ford, IBM and others in a series of project management roles. Andrew says “The case for HS2 has collapsed over the past three years-HS2AA has a vital role in getting this message out.”


Richard Houghton Public Relations and Media

Richard is an independent corporate communications advisor. His work focuses on getting HS2AA’s key messages out into the media. He says “HS2 is a fundamentally flawed project and its critical that this is understood by the media.”

Pip Rook Social Media

Pip has over 20 years experience in advertising and communications. His work as a Project Director with extensive experience of managing UK and global projects including print and digital campaigns means he has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by social media. He leads our work across various social media platforms. He says “HS2 – it’s not a vanity project but an insanity project – and HS2AA is getting that message out to more and more people across the country every day.”

Bev Manton Community Liason

Bev works in advertising. Her work for HS2AA means she sees at first hand the damage being caused by blight. She says “People are trapped in their homes – and it’s the most vulnerable – the poor, the elderly and the disabled – who suffer the most thanks to HS2.”

Jessica Simpson Communications

Jessica has a background in theatre design. She works on our database and member communication program. She believes HS2 poses a severe threat to our environment, and works to ensure as many people as possible are connected to HS2AA.

Sue Bishop Events Coordinator

Sue has a background in events management. She assists in arranging our events and meetings and various other logistical matters. Sue opposes HS2 because of the environmental damage the scheme would cause-including to ancient and irreplaceable woodland.

Alison Braint Treasurer

Alison has a background in education. Alison oversees day to day financial matters for HS2AA. Alison believes the Government need to be honest about the damage HS2 is causing to communities across the country.