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Drop HS2 from political commitments

As the Party’s prepare their manifesto’s there is a real opportunity to re-think strategy, policy and how best to spend […]

DfT has asked to meet with HS2AA on Compensation Scheme

DfT has asked to meet with HS2AA on Compensation Scheme Some of you may have wondered what happened when we […]

It’s that time again- giving evidence to the Lord’s Select Committee

Tomorrow 8 November HS2AA will be taking your issues on noise and compensation to the Select Committee We have worked […]

Electrification gantries, now with wires attached. Goring Gap

Does HS2 have a blind spot?

A few months ago, HS2 Ltd published a 32 page document entitled Landscape Design Approach. It has been reviewed and […]

50% slippage in timetable for Royal Assent

In June 2016 the National Audit Office produced a report on the progress of preparations for HS2. They considered the […]

costs rising...

Infrastructure spending appears to destroy economic growth

Bent Flyvbjerg and three of his colleagues from the Said Business School in Oxford have been investigating whether investments in […]

Community engagement?

Contractors working for HS2 are again causing local upset by performing work without prior notification to the local community. The […]

HS2AA hears back from Aarhus

The UN Environmental Committee now questions the UK Government. Following HS2AA’s appearance at the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee hearing in […]


HS2 dealt another blow

Simon Kirby the current CEO of HS2 Ltd quits to join Rolls Royce. But the question is did you even […]

costs rising...

And still the costs keep rising…..

The Adam Smith Institute is the latest to suggest the costs of HS2 are rising and may top £80bn and […]